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Featured Multi-post Articles

Some­times there is too much infor­ma­tion for just one post — each of these series approach their top­ic from mul­ti­ple angles for a more com­plete analysis.

Tribe of Manasseh — North American Nephite Model

I have always loved apolo­get­ics. I enjoy dis­cussing doc­trine, scrip­tur­al ver­sus and evi­dence that sup­port or are seen as evi­dence against the Book of Mor­mon or LDS church. For that rea­son I have stud­ied the most com­mon com­plaints and evi­dence for and against the church. 
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Why I No Longer Believe

I have always appre­ci­at­ed that LDS mem­bers are taught to val­ue intel­li­gence and truth. I want the church to be true. It has gen­er­al­ly been a pos­i­tive force in my life. I would appre­ci­ate dis­cussing this with any­one who reads through this document. 
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Introduction to Examining Church Claims

The Church was orga­nized in Man­ches­ter, New York, on April 6, 1830. The orig­i­nal name used on that date was actu­al­ly the “Church of Christ.” This was changed in 1834 to “The Church of the Lat­ter Day Saints,” and then changed again in 1838 to “The Church of Jesus Christ… 

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Recently Submitted Personal Stories

The fol­low­ing are more per­son­al accounts of how Mor­monism has impact­ed lives.

Letter to Bishop & Stake President

This is my first post so I should intro­duce myself. I met my wife to be, in the last year of high school and mar­ried her when we were both 19. My wife came from an LDS fam­i­ly with her father serv­ing as Bish­op at the time. I was baptized… 

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Eyes Opened by my Mission

10 years ago today I left to become a full time mis­sion­ary for the LDS church. In doing so I left behind home, fam­i­ly and my teenage sweet­heart Tama­ra for a 2 year peri­od in which I was allowed to com­mu­ni­cate with them once a week by post and twice a year… 

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Meeting with Maxwell, the Special Witness

In 1993 I per­son­al­ly asked Neal Maxwell a ques­tion: “As an apos­tle of the lord Jesus Christ, have you seen the sav­ior?” He was embar­rassed and could not answer that ques­tion, he final­ly told me to read an arti­cle about some­one else’s dream. Many in high posi­tions feign author­i­ty from… 

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Recently Submitted Opinion

Any oth­er top­ic is open for dis­cus­sion in these opin­ion pieces.

Check Your Premises

The Shins will change your life. Spo­ken by a young Natal­ie Port­man in the cult indie clas­sic Gar­den State, The Shins real­ly have changed my life, pro­vid­ing a ther­a­peu­tic sound­track to my tran­si­tion out of the church. They have always been a favorite band of mine (cred­it the impec­ca­ble music taste of… 

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The Shunning Key

The Shun­ning Key: Whom Mor­mons shun and why Intro­duc­tion The lead­ers and man­u­als of The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat­ter-day Saints fre­quent­ly empha­size broth­er­ly love and char­i­ty to all. Con­sid­er this state­ment by Elder M. Rus­sell Bal­lard: Let us reach out in friend­ship and love to our neigh­bors, including… 

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Riding the Wake of 60 Years of the Good Ship Zion

It’s Christ­mas­time 2015. I’m 61 years old, a lov­ing hus­band, father of four, grand­fa­ther of nine and — eight months into the Post-Mor­­mon por­tion of my life. The past two years of tran­si­tion have been painful, ter­ri­fy­ing, embar­rass­ing, dis­ori­ent­ing but ulti­mate­ly lib­er­at­ing. I am an active, faith­ful, life­time mem­ber of the… 

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