Mormon Bandwagon strives to be a place to safely share alternative perspectives regarding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The LDS/Mormon church encourages its members to confidently profess a sure knowledge of the correctness of the church’s truth claims, such as the historical accuracy of the Book of Mormon. Professing doubt in such claims, while permitted, is strongly discouraged. In fact, the church encourages individuals with doubts to profess certainty, even though doing so may not be honest (“A testimony is to be found in the bearing of it!” – Boyd Packer).

This perspective is the inspiration for the name “Mormon Bandwagon.” The “bandwagon” logical fallacy is to appeal to the fact that many people do something (or in this case, profess to know something) as an attempted form of validation.

For those that are raised in the church, many of one’s closest friends and family regularly proclaim that they “know” that the Mormon church is the only church with all of the truth. The desire to be part of that “Mormon Bandwagon” creates a strong aversion to doubts or questions, as such doubts undermine the trust placed in the judgement of one’s friends and family.

You shouldn’t expect that Mormon Bandwagon will present new, peer-reviewed findings or even completely accurate information regarding the Mormon church. What is unique are the perspectives and feelings shared in the story. By sharing, we hope to help others recognize that they are not alone in having doubts regarding the church’s truth claims, and that those doubts and questions are not unreasonable or baseless.

All visitors are welcome and able to also share their story. We invite you to add yours! Your story does not have to be long, detailed, or even well-written. It only needs to be honest and your own. You can add your story by registering and then adding a post using the “My Posts” page. Feel free to use your real name or a pseudonym.

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