I would just to like thank the TSCC for ruining my marriage by publishing the essays. Because of the essays I now think that my wonderful wife of 11 years is an indoctrinated sheeple who won’t face the facts that it is all a big lie. I think she is staying because she is to scared to leave the church because all of the family is in it and doesn’t want to disappoint them. Before the essays I thought my wife was capable of accomplishing anything she wanted to do. Now I wonder if she is a fit mother because she takes my kids my church, reminds them to pray and is scared what will happen if we go to another church (I have been attending the UU church for the past three weeks).

I would also like to thank the TSCC for ruining my faith in religion and God. Before the essays I was all in, served a mission, temple marriage, everything, even though I was on the fringe socially. Now any religion seems to structured and focused an staying a going concern for me to be a part of. Truly, even the UU, which I find its teaching to be in line with my now secular humanist beliefs feels stifling with its requests for 2-4% of my income and requests for volunteering.

I would also like to thank the TSCC/fundamental religion for ruining my sex life. I have a high libido and need sex practically every day. My wife never even thinks about it and may want it once a year. That would have been nice to know before getting married. And makes her feel guilty for being immodest when she wears yoga pants and a tank top to work out it in! Oh yeah, and thanks for killing french kissing for us. Before marriage we use to make out all the time, hot and heavy. But then I was worried we might “do it” and so I said we should probably stop french kissing before marriage so we wouldn’t be “tempted”. Now it never happens and I still love it. Thanks TSCC glad I listened to you on that one.

Because of those damn essays, which I wasn’t looking for just saw the story on Salt Lake Tribune website one Sunday. My professional relationships (I work in an industry with a high number of Mormons and coming out as ex-mo may not be good for my career), my marriage, my kids, my relationship with my extended family, everything I love and cherished has been destroyed and I have no idea how to rebuild. Thanks TSCC, thanks for nothing.

Source: Thanks TSCC, thanks for nothing : exmormon

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