I would just to like thank the TSCC for ruin­ing my mar­riage by pub­lish­ing the essays. Because of the essays I now think that my won­der­ful wife of 11 years is an indoc­tri­nat­ed sheeple who won’t face the facts that it is all a big lie. I think she is stay­ing because she is to scared to leave the church because all of the fam­i­ly is in it and does­n’t want to dis­ap­point them. Before the essays I thought my wife was capa­ble of accom­plish­ing any­thing she want­ed to do. Now I won­der if she is a fit moth­er because she takes my kids my church, reminds them to pray and is scared what will hap­pen if we go to anoth­er church (I have been attend­ing the UU church for the past three weeks).

I would also like to thank the TSCC for ruin­ing my faith in reli­gion and God. Before the essays I was all in, served a mis­sion, tem­ple mar­riage, every­thing, even though I was on the fringe social­ly. Now any reli­gion seems to struc­tured and focused an stay­ing a going con­cern for me to be a part of. Tru­ly, even the UU, which I find its teach­ing to be in line with my now sec­u­lar human­ist beliefs feels sti­fling with its requests for 2–4% of my income and requests for volunteering.

I would also like to thank the TSCC/fundamental reli­gion for ruin­ing my sex life. I have a high libido and need sex prac­ti­cal­ly every day. My wife nev­er even thinks about it and may want it once a year. That would have been nice to know before get­ting mar­ried. And makes her feel guilty for being immod­est when she wears yoga pants and a tank top to work out it in! Oh yeah, and thanks for killing french kiss­ing for us. Before mar­riage we use to make out all the time, hot and heavy. But then I was wor­ried we might “do it” and so I said we should prob­a­bly stop french kiss­ing before mar­riage so we would­n’t be “tempt­ed”. Now it nev­er hap­pens and I still love it. Thanks TSCC glad I lis­tened to you on that one.

Because of those damn essays, which I was­n’t look­ing for just saw the sto­ry on Salt Lake Tri­bune web­site one Sun­day. My pro­fes­sion­al rela­tion­ships (I work in an indus­try with a high num­ber of Mor­mons and com­ing out as ex-mo may not be good for my career), my mar­riage, my kids, my rela­tion­ship with my extend­ed fam­i­ly, every­thing I love and cher­ished has been destroyed and I have no idea how to rebuild. Thanks TSCC, thanks for nothing.

Source: Thanks TSCC, thanks for noth­ing : exmormon

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