I’m offend­ed:

  • that LDS Inc. is more LDS Inc. than church.
  • by racism
  • by homo­pho­bia
  • by misog­y­ny
  • by sex­ism that’s harm­ful to both men and women
  • by sex­u­al perversion
  • that my son was taught to be a lit­er­al arm and head-chop­ping war­rior for a sup­pos­ed­ly all pow­er­ful being
  • that JS, a wom­an­iz­er, sex­u­al preda­tor, child rapist, con artist, phi­lan­der­er, manip­u­la­tor, liar, defamer, who ruth­less­ly dis­re­gard­ed the dis­re­pute he brought upon women he ille­gal­ly claimed to be his wives, all in the name of God, is praised and glo­ri­fied by mem­bers of TSCC
  • by extrav­a­gant temples
  • by the con­cept of the wid­ows mite
  • by the igno­rance fueled arro­gance of LDS claims to the path to health via the WoW
  • by the con­cept of licked cup­cakes and sex­u­al addiction
  • by the con­cept of post-mor­tal famil­ial sep­a­ra­tion based on beliefs
  • by igno­rant, harm­ful advice passed on by sup­posed author­i­ties in the name of “stew­ard­ship”
  • by abuse in the name of authority
  • that women are encour­aged to be inca­pable of pro­vid­ing for them­selves and their children
  • that men and women are taught to have chil­dren before they are ful­ly pre­pared to care for and pro­vide for them
  • by the us vs. them men­tal­i­ty and rhetoric with­in LDS Inc.
  • and so forth.…

I love to sin:

  • by devot­ing Sun­days to cul­ti­vat­ing and nur­tur­ing my most val­ued relationships
  • by devot­ing hours to help­ing those in need rather than wast­ing time sit­ting on my hands pray­ing for people
  • by lov­ing with­out con­di­tion of belief or behavior
  • by sup­port­ing equal­i­ty (for LGB­TAs, women, non-whites, etc.)
  • by not kick­ing my kids out if they are gay or leave the church
  • by being grate­ful to those who actu­al­ly pro­vid­ed my food rather than pray­ing to god
  • by believ­ing my kids are account­able adults when they are account­able adults, not 8 year old kids
  • by fol­low­ing my own con­science instead of that of LDS Inc.
  • by giv­ing mon­e­tary dona­tions to orga­ni­za­tions that are trans­par­ent, account­able, and help peo­ple in need, rather than pur­su­ing cap­i­tal­ist ventures
  • by rec­og­niz­ing LDS Prof­its are men, noth­ing more
  • by open­ly crit­i­ciz­ing LDS Prof­its when it is appro­pri­ate to do so
  • by laugh­ing loud and lov­ing life
  • and so forth…

Source: I’m offend­ed, I want to sin and I’m hap­py to admit it. : exmormon

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