It has become apparent to me that the reason why it has been impossible to pin locations for the Book of Mormon till now is because the Book of Mormon mentions six seas and the narrow passage and narrow neck are two separate geographic features.

The narrow passage is not between the east sea or the west sea it’s between the East Sea and the Sea East. The narrow neck is between the Sea West and Sea East. The Book of Mormon also mentions two rivers not just one.

The six sea model shows consistency with the Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, statements made by Joseph Smith, archeological sites and geographic features.

I’m looking for inconsistencies because I have not found any. If you are familiar with the geography of the Book of Mormon and believe you can find discrepancies feel free to share with the reason and verse or verses to back up your reasoning.

At this point I have mapped the relevant chapters in Alma and Mormon. Alma Chapter describes all the boundaries of the Nephite territories and is the most important when it comes to understanding Book of Mormon geography


Six Seas

1) East Sea (Lake Erie): Alma 50:8, Alma 50:13, Alma 52:13

2) Sea East (Lake Ontario) Alma 22:27, Helaman 3:8, Helaman 11:20

3) West Sea (Lake Michigan) Alma 22:32-33, Alma 50:11, Alma 52:11-12, Alma 53:8, Alma 63:5, Helaman 4:17,

4) Sea West (Lake Huron) Alma 22:27, Helaman 3:8, Helaman 11:20

5) Sea South (Gulf of Mexico) Helaman 3:8

6) North Sea (Lake Superior) Helaman 3:8


Two rivers mentioned in the Book of Mormon

1) River Sidon has east and west banks (Mississippi River)

2) Another river mentioned in the Book of Mormon runs east to west and flows into the head of the River Sidon (Ohio River) Alma 22:27




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