It has become appar­ent to me that the rea­son why it has been impos­si­ble to pin loca­tions for the Book of Mor­mon till now is because the Book of Mor­mon men­tions six seas and the nar­row pas­sage and nar­row neck are two sep­a­rate geo­graph­ic fea­tures.

The nar­row pas­sage is not between the east sea or the west sea it’s between the East Sea and the Sea East. The nar­row neck is between the Sea West and Sea East. The Book of Mor­mon also men­tions two rivers not just one.

The six sea mod­el shows con­sis­ten­cy with the Book of Mor­mon, Doc­trine & Covenants, state­ments made by Joseph Smith, arche­o­log­i­cal sites and geo­graph­ic fea­tures.

I’m look­ing for incon­sis­ten­cies because I have not found any. If you are famil­iar with the geog­ra­phy of the Book of Mor­mon and believe you can find dis­crep­an­cies feel free to share with the rea­son and verse or vers­es to back up your rea­son­ing.

At this point I have mapped the rel­e­vant chap­ters in Alma and Mor­mon. Alma Chap­ter describes all the bound­aries of the Nephite ter­ri­to­ries and is the most impor­tant when it comes to under­stand­ing Book of Mor­mon geog­ra­phy


Six Seas

1) East Sea (Lake Erie): Alma 50:8, Alma 50:13, Alma 52:13

2) Sea East (Lake Ontario) Alma 22:27, Hela­man 3:8, Hela­man 11:20

3) West Sea (Lake Michi­gan) Alma 22:32–33, Alma 50:11, Alma 52:11–12, Alma 53:8, Alma 63:5, Hela­man 4:17,

4) Sea West (Lake Huron) Alma 22:27, Hela­man 3:8, Hela­man 11:20

5) Sea South (Gulf of Mex­i­co) Hela­man 3:8

6) North Sea (Lake Supe­ri­or) Hela­man 3:8

Two rivers men­tioned in the Book of Mor­mon

1) Riv­er Sidon has east and west banks (Mis­sis­sip­pi Riv­er)

2) Anoth­er riv­er men­tioned in the Book of Mor­mon runs east to west and flows into the head of the Riv­er Sidon (Ohio Riv­er) Alma 22:27



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