There may be those that attack a 14yr old boy prophet, the Book of Mor­mon prophets, liv­ing prophets, and a liv­ing Christ. There were those that accused, and today accuse, Jesus Christ of not being Chris­t­ian, of hav­ing, and being the dev­il. There are those that deny the exis­tence of Heav­en­ly Father, angels, and miracles.

Do not bick­er over triv­ials while on a Titan­ic. Look past reli­gious cor­rect­ness, beyond human imper­fec­tions. Look unto Christ, unto Him who is the full­ness of Truth, unto His teach­ings, and unto His mes­sen­gers. Do not board that large reli­gious Titan­ic of mod­ern Pharisees!

Spir­i­tu­al truths can only be dis­cerned with spir­i­tu­al eyes, the heart, rev­e­la­tion. Ask Heav­en­ly Father in sin­cere prayer. Seek the com­pa­ny of the Holy Spir­it. Be clean.

Mere­ly see­ing Deity and angels does not save us. It is wor­thi­ness, humil­i­ty, obe­di­ence, love, and repentance.

In the Pre­mor­tal, we saw and dwelt with angels and Deity. 1/3 of the hosts of Heav­en rebelled. The heav­ens wept. There was war then, and there is now. This life con­sists of con­flict against each oth­er, and of the con­fu­sion with­in us. We choose between evil and good, between false­hood and truth.

This life is the test, to kick against the pricks, or to spread sun­shine. The Here­after will have us meet­ing Heav­en­ly Father, Jesus Christ, holy men, and one another.

April 1993 The Inex­haustible Gospel Elder Neal A. Maxwell

1 Cor 2:14 …things of the spirit…are spir­i­tu­al­ly discerned.

Rev 12:7 War in heaven.

Alma 12:24, 34:32 This is the life to prepare.

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