Problems with LDS truth-claims

Very short summaries

More significant summaries

Additional resources and discussion can be found at MormonThink1 and the exmormon bookshelf, mormon, mormonscholar, and exmormon subreddits.

Official and Apologetic Resources

Additional apologetic discussion may be found at the latterdaysaints subreddit.

Responses to the CES Letter

The CES Letter is the most well-known compilation of problems with LDS truth-claims. Below are responses to the CES Letter. Where he has responded, I’ve included a link to the response by Jeremy Runnells (author of The CES Letter).

General pros/cons of the LDS lifestyle

  1. is a vast resource for presenting and discussing LDS truth-claims. The site states that they are “neither an anti-Mormon website nor an LDS apologist website”, but the discussion and tone is overwhelmingly critical, lest the reader be miseld by this disclaimer. Regardless, it is a highly useful resource as long as the site’s bias is clearly appreciated.

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