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Some­times there is too much infor­ma­tion for just one post — each of these series approach their top­ic from mul­ti­ple angles for a more com­plete analysis.

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Recently Submitted Personal Stories

The fol­low­ing are more per­son­al accounts of how Mor­monism has impact­ed lives.

Thanks TSCC, thanks for nothing

I would just to like thank the TSCC for ruin­ing my mar­riage by pub­lish­ing the essays. Because of the essays …
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I’m offended, I want to sin and I’m happy to admit it.

I’m offend­ed: that LDS Inc. is more LDS Inc. than church. by racism by homo­pho­bia by misog­y­ny by sex­ism that’s …
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Unexpected Results

Three weeks ago, I was a true believ­er. I was­n’t the best at church atten­dance, but I would look for­ward …
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Eyes Opened by my Mission

10 years ago today I left to become a full time mis­sion­ary for the LDS church. In doing so I …
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From sickness to sickness to happiness

Well folks, buck­le up and strap in. Pre­pare your­selves for anoth­er sto­ry about a true believ­ing Mor­mon dis­cov­er­ing the truth …
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Family Letter

Hel­lo Fam­i­ly, Ben and I have real­ized there have been spec­u­la­tions involv­ing us and our fam­i­ly con­cern­ing the church. This …
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Writ­ten in Jan­u­ary, 2012: In Decem­ber of 2011, my hus­band, Justin, and I respect­ful­ly resigned from our call­ings and stopped …
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Navigating Death

One of the hard­est things to try to come to terms with — NOT know­ing. Is there life after death? …
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Recently Submitted Opinion

Any oth­er top­ic is open for dis­cus­sion in these opin­ion pieces.

X2A’J Bible and Book of Mormon DNA

DNA mark­er x2a’j is prob­a­bly the great­est DNA evi­dence for the Book of Mor­mon thus far. X2a’j is not found …
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The 1832 First Vision account was suppressed between 11 and ~30 years.

The 1832 First Vision account was sup­pressed between 11 and ~30 years The evi­dence LaMar Petersen, an ama­teur Mor­mon his­to­ri­an, …
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The three-fold nature of the LDS Church: corporate, totalistic, and individual-growth

The three-fold nature of the church: cor­po­rate, total­is­tic, and indi­vid­ual-growth bwv549 last updat­ed 2016-06-06 Teach­ings and actions of the Church, …
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Testimony, Spiritual Experiences, and Truth: A Careful Examination

1 Intro­duc­tion 2 Do spir­i­tu­al impres­sions teach truth? 3 What’s behind a spir­i­tu­al expe­ri­ence? 4 Tes­ti­mo­ny, bias, and pro­pa­gan­da 5 …
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All in Joseph Smith’s milieu: a response to LDSLiving article on Book of Mormon evidences

Kathryn Jenk­ins Gor­don recent­ly read through the Book of Mor­mon with a dis­tinct pur­pose: I want­ed to deter­mine how many …
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Letter to parents: Thoughts on the Word of Wisdom

Con­text: This is a let­ter I wrote to my moth­er and father about my cur­rent approach to the Word of …
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Check Your Premises

The Shins will change your life. Spo­ken by a young Natal­ie Port­man in the cult indie clas­sic Gar­den State, The Shins …
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America, Chris Columbus, The Bundy’s, and Sorrow

I live in East­ern Wash­ing­ton. The Bundy’s mis­guid­ed and atro­cious take-over of a Fed­er­al vis­i­tor’s cen­ter in East­ern Ore­gon has …
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